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Merchant Services - Secure Virtual Terminal

Secure Virtual Terminal

Expand your business by capture sales beyond the Internet

Virtual Terminal

Looking for secure virtual terminal for your business?

Allowing your customers to pay by card is essential for any business today, but it is no longer confined to physical pdq machine - brilliant technology allows you to take secure, fast card payments via any web-page through a virtual terminal facility.

Our virtual terminal will help you to expand your business by capture sales beyond the Internet. Virtual Terminal is where your customer provides card details for card payment either over the phone, fact, email or via mail (also known as MOTO transactions) and these are keyed into a portal by you. Unlike online payments where the customer completes the transaction without assistance, the card payment is processed by someone from the business.

What are the benefits?

  • Unlimited users
  • Flexibility – Smartphones, laptops
  • Cost-effective – starts from £10 per month
  • Automated Batching
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Permissions – only allow certain users to Refund
  • PCI DSS compliant products with customisable payment pages (hosted or un-hosted)
  • Reliable infrastructure to ensure maximum uptime and resilience
  • Free AVS and CV2 fraud screening
  • Real-time authorisation
  • Delayed settlement, deferred and recurring payment options
  • Free DCC & Multi-currency set-up
  • iPhone Application for mobile payments

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