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Credit Card Machines

New or existing business? We have the smartest and secure credit card machines for your secure payment systems solution for you business.

Install a high-quality pdq machine in your business to allow your customers to pay by card.

Countertop Credit Card Machines

Countertop or desktop credit card machines are ideal if you want to process debit and credit card payments at a specific location at your store or premises, where a telephone line or cable Internet connection are conected. This is most suited to any business where the majority of payment transactions are done face-to-face with the customer present at the counter or sales till. Chose your next static pdq machine with chip and PIN or Contactless technology.

Chip and Pin is the safest and cheapest way to accept card payments. The PIN entry is required to verify the customer is a genuine cardholder. Chip and Pin verification means that should the transaction get recalled at a later date, it is the customer who pays, not you. It also means you pay the cheapest rates!

We also provide with Contactless Technology credit card machines. Contactless is a new feature being introduced on payment cards (debit, credit cards) in the UK to make purchases quicker and more convenient for both retailers and consumers.

Countertop Products

Portable Credit Card Machines

We provide with different conectivity technologies to suit your business needs - from GPRS, Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

Our Bluetooth or Wi-Fi portable pdq machines are ideal if you want to process debit and credit card payments at different places around your store or premises. This is a perfect card payments solution for restaurants, store or commercial establishment where customers pay at their table or at their location using secure chip and PIN verification.

Our portable credit card machines with mobile network coverage or GPRS (General Packet Radio Service) perfectly make your business to operate on the road. This is a perfect card payments solution for taxi drivers, delivery services, plumbers, builders and electricians, therapist, trade shows and more. Thanks to its connectivity, the portable credit card terminal is designed to be used anywhere. Our credit card terminal ensures the integrity and security of your transactions even in the most difficult environments whilst still benefitting from the security of chip and PIN verification.

Portable Products

Mobile Card Payment Terminal

Accept debit and credit card payments anywhere, anytime with this easy-to-use and secure application that turns your Smartphone or tablet into a mobile card payment terminal. Our own MobileMerchant's payment App and Bluetooth card reader allow you to accept Chip and PIN debit and credit card payments and process card payments in real-time.

MobileMerchant is perfect for many business types including: Transportation and Taxis, Service Companies, Trade Show Vendors, Mobile Food Trucks, Hair & Beauty Professionals, Delivery Services, Professional Services, Retail and more.

Services we offer on Mobile Payments -

  • Simplicity
    Utilise your existing Smartphone or tablet to easily and quickly accept card payments anytime, anywhere
  • Connectivity
    Works with array of Smartphone or tablet device types to provide the freedom of choice*
  • Visibility
    Provides administrative and reporting abilities through a secure online portal, including detailed reporting for up to 12 months of transaction activity
  • Security
    Cardholder data is securely captured and encrypted using a Bluetooth-connected PIN pad, ensuring that no information is captured and stored by the Smartphone or tablet
  • Flexibility
    Choice of pricing programmes matched to the needs of your business. Establish a traditional programme, or choose our Clear & Simple programme featuring just one affordable rate

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Mobile Products

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