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Merchant Services - Value Added Services

Value-Added Services

Decimal Factor** offers Value Added Services to increase your sales.

Merchant Services
Secure Payment Systems

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We can provide you with better service and lower fees. We save customers on average £600 - £2000!

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Value-added Services

Increase your sales by using our Value-added Services

Free Online Reporting

iMerchantConnect is our free, online reporting and statement tool that allows you to securely monitor your account from any web browser at any time of the day. With iMerchantConnect, you can display recent deposits, access customer support, view standard transaction, batch, and unpaid statement reports, and request more robust reporting such as chargeback and retrieval requests to enhance your operational efficiency.

How will this help my business?
  • Save Money - other processors charge £10-25 per month for online reporting
  • Display reports - recent deposits, recent transactions, batches, and unfunded transactions
  • Request detailed reporting - chargeback or retrieval requests, monthly/yearly analysis
  • Statements - view, download or print as many times as you like, avoid £3 paper statements

Business Funding

Are you looking to fund your business? Get the working capital that your business needs with our flexible and easy business loan. If you have a card payment facility and are looking for funds to grow your business; you are well on your way to receiving an approval.

Read more about Business Fund

Gift Cards

Gift Cards can help your business to increase sales, acquire new customers and create new marketing opportunities. Electronic gift-cards are much more safe and convenient than paper gift vouchers. In addition, promoting creative and relevant gift card designs will help you sell more than your existing paper vouchers. Gift-cards given by your customers to friends and family, who may not be existing customers, can bring new business to your company.

Gift card program advantages:
  • Secure and reusable cards
  • Three times faster growth than paper vouchers
  • Affordable gift card packages choices
  • Increase merchant sales
  • You can get your first 100 cards from as little as £1 each
  • You are also able to design your own cards and add logos
  • No extra equipment is needed; your terminal will process the cards
  • Free plastic gift card display unit
  • Free online reporting on all of your gift cards and how they are being used

Tourist Payment Services

Our Tourist Payment Service combines Dynamic Currency Conversion, multi-currency capabilities and a unique tax-free solution providing service and choice to your travelling customers while delivering new lines of revenue to your business.

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Available in card-present, card-not-present environments and for online environments DCC converts international Visa and MasterCard purchases into the cardholder's home currency at the time of sale and rebates a portion of the conversion fee back to your business.

We manage the entire conversion process - from direct treasury exchange rates and transaction processing, to back-end reconciliation, settlement, funding and support. That means in addition to realising bottom line benefits, your business enjoys added efficiency from a single provider.

How can this help my business?

  • When customer puts their card in the machine/enter card details online, the system will automatically detect right currency i.e. dollars, Yen, Rand (48 currencies supported)
  • Customer will see the transaction in their own currency on statements
  • You will receive 1% of all foreign spend back at the end of the month as a rebate! i.e. if you have £10,000 foreign turnover, you will get £100 back
  • Completely free and is available on PDQ's, virtual terminals and online payment gateways

Tax-Free Refunds

When combined with DCC, the Tax-Free Service automatically recognises cardholders who are eligible for international tax refunds and provides your customer with everything they need to reclaim international tax duties on the purchase of goods

How can this help my business?

  • Reduced time and effort – no need to spend ages filling out tax forms
  • Increased sales - can process more sales quickly especially if you experience sudden influx of customers i.e. from tour buses
  • Competitive edge - customers will prefer to spend money in your store due to the ease of paying in their own currency and having their tax forms printed complete
  • Rebates - you will receive 1% of all tax credit back at the end of the month as rebate!

Multi-Currency Processing

Accept and settle card transactions in a variety of leading currencies. We offer local currency processing to the cardholder and settles in the currency you choose to facilitate funding. From Australian, Canadian or U.S. Dollars, to Euros, Japanese Yen, Norwegian Krone, Swiss Franc or Sterling and more, we makes it simple for you to accommodate your international customers.

Mobile Top Ups

Decimal Factor Limited offer a simple, smart and secure way to buy mobile top ups. We offer a service with which you can Top Up your Phone or other countries Top Up.

Services we offer on Mobile Payments:
  • Mobile Top Up
  • Other Countries Top Up
  • SIM Purchase
Read more about Mobile Top Up

**Decimal Factor operates in association with, and this offer is made through Credorax Bank Limited, a company registered and existing under the Laws of Malta, bearing company registration number C46342 and having its registered address at Palazzo Homedes, 80, Strait Street, Valletta VLT 1436, Malta, Europe. Copyright © 2016 Credorax Malta Ltd. All rights reserved. Visa®, MasterCard®, JCB®, Maestro®, Diner's® and American Express® ® are trademarks of their respective owners. All rights reserved.

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