Sharia Finance

We believe that an individual should not have to compromise their values in order to see their business succeed. That is why we are here.

It works in a similar same way as Business Cash Advance and to make it Sharia compliant our Financiers use Commodity Murabaha.
  • The way this product works is that the Financier will purchase a commodity such as coffee or platinum
  • The Financier will then arrange for you to buy that commodity from us in exchange for the card repayments
  • Financier will sell the commodity on your behalf to a third party
  • Once the Financier sells it, they will transfer the funds into your account
  • Financier agrees all of this upfront and executes it seamlessly so there is no risk of you having a commodity that cannot be sold off.
Step 01
  • The Financier identifies the amount we would like to advance and how much it will cost.
  • We will contact our sharia approved halal Financier and tell them that we want £10,000 worth of a commodity.
  • The supplier then finds that commodity as well as a final purchaser. We buy the commodity for £10,000.
Step 02
  • Financier sells the commodity to our customer for £10,000 plus the cost of finance (£13,000)
  • Financier agrees to receive payments on a deferred basis in line with card takings.
Step 03
  • Our Customer assigns us as an agent to sell the commodity.
  • Financier sells it to the final purchaser at the original price of £10,000.
  • Financier then transfers the sale amount (£10,000) to our customer.
  • Next result: Our customer now has £10,000 they did not previously have and the sharia approved halal Financier is owed £13,000 that we will receive in line with card takings.